Textiles, science, love

I am simply impressed how, with tension and yarn, I can make a textile.  a textile has endless potential; to connect, to tell a story, or warm a soul.  

I grew up in rural NW Florida with little knowledge of sewing, weaving, or how the surrounding cotton growing in fields became the t-shirt on my back.  My journey to textile designer began in New york while designing my own clothes, shopping for fabric in the garment district, and eventually studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  


After a few Major life events and geographical changes, I found myself in a weaving workshop with natural dyes.  Both practices grabbed me in ways I am still trying to grasp. Wanting to deep dive into weaving and plant dyes, I enrolled into an MFA program to do just that. Fast forward to today;  by day, I work in the apparel industry using my textile knowledge.  by evening, weekend, and any spare time, I am reading about natural dyes and chemistry, identifying dye plants in surrounding Ecosystems, weaving at my loom, daydreaming about doing this full time.



© 2023 by Kyla Sjogren. Proudly created with Wix.com

© 2023 by Kyla Sjogren. Proudly created with Wix.com