Kyla Sjogren - Artist, Designer, Educator, Planet Advocate

My textiles begin with a seed in the ground, or a lamb being born. Each produce a strong fiber long enough to spin into a yarn. Simultaneously, a plant will grow to dye the yarn. 


I spin and dye the yarn, then wind onto a tensioned warping board.  This process is counting, calculating, and dreaming.  I’m dreaming of the future textile.


One by one, I thread the yarn through my loom, closing my eyes I feel the yarns for even tension and adjust the harnesses to weave pattern. Sitting at my loom I step on the first peddle to lift warp threads open so the shuttle can be thrown through.  I release the peddle and pull the yarn towards me with the loom beater bar.


For hours, days, and weeks I sit, repeating this process. This is my time to meditate and think.  Each piece holds this memory of my weaving within it, and I recall where I wove it, how it was processed, what I was imagining. 


Textiles hold past memories we bring into our future.  As I make these handwoven pieces, the story evolves, added to the viewer’s own interpretation and interaction with the textile.

I am an artist using plant fibers, pigments and natural elements to make textiles, with a desire to radically understand the materials I deem favorable or healthy for our land and people. The gratification from this highly considered process incorporates aspects that have given me moments of pause to honor seasons, community, and my relationship and place, to this world.  The resulting artwork imbues its origins and tells a story beyond its immediate visual cues.  


I reside in Wheeler, Oregon, where I seek elk herd on Lazarus Island in the mornings. 


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